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Pearl Cohn Magnet High School1

Nashville, TN | Davidson County


February 11, 2014

I am a freshman but Let me say, that pearl Cohn has amazing teachers, studio equitment and talent. But all of that is waisted upon lots of kids that could care less. Don't get me wrong there are many talented kids who lead successful lives and school careers but over all it is horrible. The kids lack discipline, knowlage and respect. There's tons of bullying and no ones doing anything about it, I wouldn't recommend this school to any student with a serious future.

Submitted by a parent

July 21, 2012

The things that people say about Pearl-Cohn is a tad bit over-rated!! unless you actually walk the halls, youll never know what goes on in them. I am a graduating senior, c/o 2012!!. I attended Pearl all 4 years and i can honestly say it wasnt all that bad... Pearl-Cohn did a lot of things that other metro high schools didnt. I went on numerous college trips, Chicago, New Orleans, North Carolina just to name a few. Many people categorize the students at Pearl to be "ghetto, loud,"and that we all get low test scores.. I am proud to say I made a 23 on my ACT got advanced on all of my end-of-course exams, graduated with a 3.6 GPA WITH HONORS!!! so no!! not all of us are what you call "ghetto, & not willing to work hard" students. The teachers are more helpful than what people think. The students just dont take the time to pay attention and or get help when needed, And the guidance Councillor's know their students by name and make time for the students. In some high schools (that are larger) students dont even know who their advisers are! All-in-all Pearl Cohn isnt the best high school but it is far better than what people think.. P.S (Pearl-Cohn is one of the top 10 cleanest schools)

Submitted by a student

November 10, 2011

Lets start by saying that every school have students that misbehave. I am a Junior here at PCH. Starting this we have converted to a Entertainment Magnet high school... students have the opportunity to go into the music production, and or Television production... Me and a bunch of my other friend are in the broadcasting department, and we film all the ball games on - iHigh.com/pearlcohnsports - Last but not least we are the only school in the country with live news shows and donation from the golf club helps us achieve. We are the only Entertainment magnet school, we even have our own show, and just as much equipment as a news station... say what you want but students like me do have opportunities at Pearl-Cohn that no other school offers...

Submitted by a student

January 7, 2011

Do not send your child to PCH! I am a parent and KNOW first hand, not rumor. Read the school profile and see how many students are suspended and expelled. This is ridiculous! They offer one business class to make it a business magnet. Yes, go there to just visit and see for yourself. The bathrooms are caged shut, count how many students are high, and watch how disrespect is dealt with. The administration needs a complete overhaul. If you can pick another school, please do so for your child. If this is the best school in our city, God help us!

Submitted by a parent

April 22, 2010

I recently worked at PCH for the first time, with high expectations that the students would be better behaved than Metro's other (non-magnet) schools. Afterall, one would think that to be eligible to attend a magnet school the students would be focused, serious, disciplined. However, I found the students - inside of my class and in the hallways - VERY disrespectful to each other (and some to teachers, as well), and very physical. Obscene and crude language was so prevalent (again inside room and in hallways) that it went unrecognized by staff. Many students did not do their work and ignored any encouragement to do the work correctly. Needless to say, my children will not be going there - not due to the staff, but due to the lack of parenting of the student body.

Submitted by a teacher

November 25, 2008

I attend PCH and it's my 1st year. I must honestly say Pearl is a good school, however the people in it, couldn't be any worse! Pearl is an unorganized school, and people take the teachers for granted.Theres no respect for authority, no respect for anyone, not even their peers. Pearl has changed over the years, but there are so many well kept secrets in that school, it's hard to believe that when you go to orientation they say it's the best school in Nashville, but take it from someone who goes there every single day, it's NOT the best or what it's cracked up to be.Yes, it is a very very clean school, even at the end of the day after everyones gone home, it's still clean. But that's not what makes a school. We have good principals,the guidance counselors should really get on their jobs.

Submitted by a student

November 12, 2008

I have been a student at PCH for 4yrs and I can say that is the best school,the teachers and staff are wonderful they will bend over backwards to help us.Someone once told me 'im sorry' because I told them that i attend Pearl,well I am proud to be an All Mighty Firebird and will never be ashamed.My school will be the best school now and for years to come.

Submitted by a student

August 29, 2008

Pearl Cohn is a diamond that is in the rough. It is one of the best kept secrets in Nashville TN. Our staff cares about our students, and we go above the call of duty for them. It is a school that possesses a positive school climate for learning. Our students are very well mannered and they arealways in the positive mode of learning. Many individuals verablize negative comments about our school and have never visited our campus. Once you visit, your negative perception will be instantaneouly changed. All hail to the Firebirds!

Submitted by a teacher

March 5, 2008

I attended this school and not only does it have diversity but was a wonderful experience. I heard so many negative things about this Highschool but when I went there it was great! All the students and staff were nice, outgoing, teams players!

Submitted by a student

January 27, 2008

this is a very good school to go to for anyone.

Submitted by a student

January 28, 2005

Pearl Cohn is a really great school with many oppurtunities awaiting many. The extracurricular activities are great also. Many look down on Pearl because of the location, but look what happened at Hillwood, I've NEVER either has any one I know have seen something like that. I enjoy this school very much. I had the chance to go to any high school that I wanted magnet such as Hume-Fogg, MLK, or NSA and any public school such as Hillwood and Hillsboro and many others but I choose Pearl Cohn High. The teachers at Pearl are the best, they help you to understand. Pearl sometimes has bad kids but some are the good kids.

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