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Review and Referral Contest

Want to win some Starbucks gift cards and be entered to win an Apple Watch? Here's how!

*For every review completed through our sites, you will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. 
*If you complete all 6 reviews, your name is entered to win the Apple Watch.
*If you send us a referral of someone that would like to buy/sell a home, your name gets entered to win the Apple Watch. 

Steps to complete Reviews:
1. Click here --> Reviews
2. Use the links on this page to go to our review pages. 
3. Email Sarah@JoshAndersonRealEstate.com screenshots of your completed reviews

Steps to complete Referrals
1. Email info@JoshAndersonRealEstate the name phone number and email of the person you are referring. We would appreciate as much information as possible.